Eduroam Service Offer

The eduroam service offer

The eduroam service offer is a national offer operated by the Alsace (Strasbourg) and Aquitaine (Bordeaux) delegations. It allows all agents of the units of the CNRS to activate their account to easily connect via eduroam® to WiFi networks of higher education establishments and research that they visit during their business trips in France and abroad.

Setting up your laptop, tablet or mobile phone must be done before your departure. It can be done at any time, whether you are at your office or homeworking.

It consists of three steps which are detailed below:

Activation of your eduroam account

Eduroam uses specific identifiers which are not those of Janus. The identifier is composed of 6 characters (2 letters, 2 numbers, 2 letters) followed by "". The password is composed of only lowercase letters and spaces so they easily be entered on equipment such as mobile phones which are not equipped with keyboards. In return, to maintain its robustness, the password is a little longer but easy to memorize because it is composed of four words in French.

To activate your eduroam account, go to the activation page of your eduroam account. Write down your ID and your password. They will be asked during your first connection to eduroam.

Download the Configuration Assistant Tool

First of all, delete any profile referring to eduroam on your mobile equipment. This operation is done using the “Forget this network” functionality or equivalent.

Click on eduroam's Configuration Assistant Tool or flash this QR Code ci-contre with your mobile phone.

You will access to the assistant offered by the Aquitaine Delegation, one of the two delegations in charge of deploying the eduroam service for the CNRS.

Throughout the procedure reference will be made to the Aquitaine Delegation. Do not change this setting and do not specify your delegation instead.

Execute the following steps:

Complete the installation using the documentation Installation of eduroam.

User support

In case of difficulties with the activation of your account or your eduroam connection, contact eduroam [AT]